Teaching Ballet Through Music is an educational project that is centred around the relationship between music and movement.

The work concepts created by Maestro Cuccuini are built on a key idea: “The body of a dancer is a musical instrument that gives life to sounds and emotions. Our work philosophy was conceived to reach this objective.”

In brief: Teaching music through ballet. The project is made of two parts:

• Training (Workshops)

• Educational (Video)


TBM Project’s educational idea includes:

Theory and practical lessons that offer an all-round understanding of music theory applied to ballet

Examples and stimuli on how to use music from a rhythmic and interpretative point of view

Analysis and parallelisms between music dynamic and movement dynamic

Communication strategies and technical objectives that can be pursued with music

How to use the voice

Our work method was developed to be easily accessible to students of all ages and levels and to teachers of all choreutic methods.


TBM Project’s mission is to:

Offer necessary technical and practical knowledge to dance teachers

• Make students feel the music in their body, thus gaining a more conscious quality in their movements from a both a dynamic and artistic point of view and being truly able to “make music with their body”

• Bring together choreutic teaching and modern-day necessities, by offering teachers an educational path that has been created to meet the versatility and competitivity demands of today’s work market.