George Luigi Malinverno

English language teacher, tutor, translator and interpreter

George Luigi Malinverno is an English language teacher, tutor, translator, and interpreter with more than 20 years of experience in the field.

He started approaching the world of music and dance at an incredibly young age thanks to his Italian father, a music teacher and multi-instrumentalist, and his English mother, an ISTD dance teacher and director of one of the oldest dance schools in Cremona, Italy.

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Surrounded by an artistic family, he started playing the piano at the age of 9 and developing a deep connection to classical piano music and the creative arts in general, which then lead him to further his interest in communication and languages.

His first experiences as a translator and interpreter go back to his teenage years, when he used to help his mother’s student interact with the examiners during both ISTD Classical Ballet and Modern Theatre dance exams.

Around the same time, he also started to tutor other students in learning the English language and providing translation services.

In 2012, thanks to Teresa Doreen Hall, founder, director, and teacher of TDH Dance School, he started to collaborate with several dance schools as translator and interpreter for ISTD DDI and DDE professional exams, helping many students along the way.

It was during these exams that he met and collaborated with pianist Sandro Cuccuini.

In 2017, while playing a small part in a short film for a university project of a friend of his, he also met actor Valerio Busseni.

In 2019, Valerio Busseni and Sandro Cuccuini introduced him to TBM project, and they started working together on the English part of the project.

To this day, he has taken part to several recording sessions for the English dub of the project and has assisted in the English translation of project content, while still working full time as an English mother tongue teacher in Italian schools and as a translator.

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