Cristiana Siano

Website developer

After completing my specialization studies in computer science, I gained decades of experience and skills in two nationwide software houses as a developer and support manager for all Italian software house’s partners in Italy on everything concerning business management and ERP.

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For 15 years I have been working as a professional website developer with specialization in SEO, web marketing and e-commerce.

I met Valerio Busseni in my first work experience, since He was a partner of the software house where I worked.

Now He is Pegasus Technology’s CEO and TBM PROJECT’s director, and aware of my IT skills and professional reliability, he proposed me to follow TBM PROJECT development. After several meetings held together with Master Sandro Cuccuini, I was offered the opportunity to become TBM PROJECT’s IT manager. I took care of the site and web-marketing/e-commerce consulting, analysis and development and of the creation of for FB and INSTAGRAM advertising campaigns’s brainchild.

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